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Liturgical Stoles

"For me, these are among my most blessed creations,
because they become a part of someone's spiritual journey."
Stephanie Lewis Robertson

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Each of the stoles Stephanie is asked to create is designed to be unique for the recipient.

The design process starts with an interview (plan on about two hours). Stephanie asks questions about the spiritual journey the minister has been on, what sayings and readings are important to them, what images they would like to have on their stole to represent them. Colors and fabrics, techniques and ideas are all discussed.

And then, Stephanie asks the recipient to trust her.

A few weeks are spent thinking about the stole, pondering all the information shared, before the actual creation begins.

The stoles you see on the Stole Gallery page are all custom-designed for specific people, and will not be replicated for someone else. Each of us is a unique individual, as are the stoles Stephanie creates. Each stole is lined, and on the interior lining are written prayers. These prayers are ones that have special meaning to the minister and/or the presenter of the stole. In one instance, a congregation hired Stephanie to create a stole for a minister who was leaving, and all of the members of the church signed the lining so that he could carry their love and admiration for him to his next church. Sometimes the prayers are simple- and sometimes they are a single word. That is one of the very intimate blessings found in a stole designed by Stephanie Lewis Robertson.

Prices range from $250 to $400, depending on the techniques and the complexity of design, as well as materials. Please allow 4-6 weeks from initial interview to delivery, although rush orders can sometimes be accommodated.

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